Roommate Concerns

Your Resident Assistant (RA) and Community Director are the best resources to utilize in order to help resolve roommate problems. Residence Life encourages all residents to speak with their roommate(s) prior to discussing any concerns with an RA or Professional Staff; direct communication with the source of a concern will build a stronger relationship and often leads to a quicker positive result. Similarly, Residence Life encourages students to speak with their RA prior to consulting Professional Staff about a roommate conflict or concern. Your RA will help you take steps to address your concerns and assist you in resolving the conflict. In many situations, an RA can facilitate a conversation with a roommate to ensure that both parties communicate effectively and come to an appropriate resolution. Open, direct, and appropriate communication is critical when working through these types of conflicts.

Spiritual Guidance

Although not officially part of the Residence Life staff, student ministers play an integral role in the spiritual life on campus and in the residence halls. Each area of campus is served by either a House member or resident minister who leads Small Faith Community meetings, offers opportunities for discussion on issues of faith, provides regular opportunities for fellowship and extends personal support to the residents in their area. The student ministers also help organize University-wide ministry events, serve on retreat teams and strive to act as Gospel witnesses to our students and staff. House members are dedicated primarily to serving the freshmen on campus and offer hospitality in their "Christian Community" of the House itself, while the Resident Ministers serve the upperclass populations by living among their peers in primarily upperclass buildings.

To contact a student minister, please talk to your RA. In addition, Campus Ministry has a number of professional staff members who can assist you as necessary. They are a great resource to seek out and utilize. The Office of Campus Ministry is located in the Caldwell Hall and can be reached at 202-319-5575 or x5575.

Inappropriate and/or Illegal Activity on Your Floor or in Your Room

All students should report any suspicious activity immediately to the Department of Public Safety by calling 202-319-5111 or x5111. The Department of Public Safety also provides valuable safety information on its website. A resident may also contact his/her RA or Community Director for support and/or to talk through his/her concerns.

The Catholic University of America is committed to resolving complaints of discrimination at the earliest and most informal level, conducting internal investigations in a timely and effective manner, and providing prompt corrective action if discrimination is believed to have occurred. To contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, please call 202-319-5590 or x5590. You may also contact your Community Director or RA who may provide you with support and connect you with appropriate resources.

Academic Challenges

Academic concerns are best resolved in the respective academic department. Your faculty and academic staff will be the best people with whom you can discuss your concerns. Your Community Director may also be able to discuss your study habits and performance and help you develop an appropriate plan for being successful academically. While Residence Life does not serve as academic advisors, staff members can direct you to available resources and discuss successful study habits. You may also consider contacting the Undergraduate Advising Center for information on academic skills and support.

Personal Problems

The Counseling Center can help you with questions or personal concerns about a wide variety of issues, including homesickness, stress management, test anxiety, making friends, roommate problems, depression, body image, eating disorders, and many others. You can arrange for an appointment to speak with a counselor by calling 202-319-5765 or x5765.