The community is welcoming to newcomers and students are actively engaged in their residential communities and in activities taking place on campus. There are some aspects of living on campus that might be a little confusing, until you learn the Res Life "lingo". This page will define some commonly used terms on campus and answer frequently asked questions that are often directed our way.

Commonly Used Terms

Community Director: Community Directors are professional staff members who work for Residence Life and live in the residence halls. They are responsible for community development, support of students, and supervising the in-hall student staff. Their offices are located in the neighborhood Residence Hall Office (RHO).These terms are often used by students but may not be familiar to someone living outside of the Catholic University community. We have defined them for you to help you better understand our residential communities.

RA (Resident Assistant): Resident Assistants are undergraduate students that live on each floor or in each community in the residence halls. They are a resource for residential students and play an active role in community and spiritual development through facilitating community events and sharing information with the campus community.

SM (Student Minister): Campus Ministry supports a student staff that lives in the residence hall specifically to enhance the faith life of the residential community. RMs live in campus residence halls in non-first-year student areas. House Ministers live in community in the House and support first-year students.

RHO (Residence Hall Office): The RHO is an office in each residential neighborhood that supports the students living there. The Area Coordinator office is located in the RHO. Students may go to the RHO to seek support, report maintenance concerns, or complete administrative paperwork.

Neighborhood: Catholic University's residence halls are divided into 5 neighborhoods. Each neighborhood serves a specific student population and often covers a common geographic area. Neighborhoods are staffed by an Area Coordinator and a staff of Resident Assistants.

Pryz: This is the shortened name of the Pryzbyla Center. This building serves as the university center and houses the main dining facilities on campus. It is a common place for students to gather for meals, to study, and to attend events. The Pryz is also home to Catholic University's Starbucks location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved with Residence Life?
You can get involved in your community by attending community events with friends, talking to your RA or SM, and/or by seeking employment with Residence Life.

How can I contact my RA or RM?
The easiest way to contact your RA or SM is to stop by his/her room and say hello. While RAs and SMs are encouraged to visit residents to check in, they appreciate when students visit their rooms as well.

How do I know which events I can participate in?
Most Catholic University residential community events are open to all students. Feel free to stop by and join the fun.

How can I get my mail?
Catholic University residential students have a mailbox assigned to them. It is located in McMahon Hall. Campus mail is coordinated by Postal Services. Students receive mailbox information when they check into their residence hall.