The Catholic University Living Experience is designed to be a holistic model of relationship building in the residence halls at The Catholic University of America.

The balance of programming, educational campaigns and community building interactions are not exclusive to a singular experience but connected to create a vibrant Catholic community. The Residence Life Team at The Catholic University of America focuses on Character Development, Unity of Residents and Academic Connections to build strong, supportive, and positive communities.

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    Character Development

    Residence Life works to provide experiences, interactions, educational campaigns and programs that help each student to develop on a personal level. Students will have opportunities to explore their own faith/spiritual development, reflect on decision making abilities, grow to understand the concepts of respect and personal responsibility and participate in engaged bystander behavior.

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    Unity of Residents

    Living in community is one of the most important parts of the collegiate experience. The Residence Life Team is here to provide you with opportunities for community formation and pride, interpersonal interactions, human dignity, civility and intercultural exploration.

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    Academic Connections

    The Residence Life Team believes that learning is not a singular experience. The best learning happens when multiple connections are made. Through our communities, programming and relationships, we work to connect lessons learned in the classroom to every day experiences.