Residence Life at Catholic University has faculty members that live in three different residence halls on campus.

The Faculty in Residence enhances the quality of the residential experience by facilitating educationally meaningful interactions among residents and faculty outside the classroom. The FIR will facilitate programmatic opportunities, serve as a bridge for hall residents to academic programs, and help to reinforce healthy learning behaviors in residents, thereby cultivating a strong learning environment within the residence halls. The FIR will have the opportunity to interact with students outside of the classroom, have access to resources to support those interactions, and help to shape a healthy academic environment in the residence halls.

  • Dr. Megan Murton
    Dr. Megan Murton English

    Opus Hall

  • Dr. Donald Larson
    Dr. Donald Larson Mathematics

    Unanue House
    Honors Residential Community

  • Dr. Juan Sebastián Ospina León
    Dr. Juan Sebastián Ospina León Modern Languages and Literatures

    McDonald House
    Honors Residential Community