Residence Life wants students to experience a thriving community that supports academic and personal development.

To do this, Residence Life encourages students to be active in their community through participation in events, holding peers accountable for their actions, and working together to create a welcoming and celebrate community. Residence Life has created policies to help facilitate a respectful and academic focused environment.

Residence Hall Policies and Resources

Visitation in the Residence Halls
Quiet Hours in the Residence Halls
Expectations of a Catholic University Student
Residence Hall Prohibited Items and Activities

Expectations of a Catholic University Student

The Catholic University of America is a community committed to research, teaching, learning and service. We acknowledge specific core values, i.e., qualities expected to be found in each of our community members and in every community activity. The ways in which the university community uniquely embodies these core values become trademarks of The Catholic University of America experience and an enduring hallmark of the life of each and every member. These core values include faith, integrity, respect,excellence, scholarship, responsibility, freedom, confidence, service and community building. Catholic University students are expected to:

  • Be diligent and sincere in the pursuit of education, open to learning and change, striving to achieve academic excellence.
  • Define and strengthen their moral, ethical and spiritual character through integration of academic and personal reflection.
  • Be honest and have integrity in all that they do, especially in personal relationships and academic performance.
  • Recognize the importance of service to others and involve themselves in experiences that will prepare them for their roles as contributing citizens in a global community.
  • Develop an awareness of and appreciation for differences that exist among peoples and ideas.
  • Respect their own bodies, minds and spirits, avoiding behaviors and substances that could have a negative effect on their personal well-being.
  • Conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner, learning from their mistakes.
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions and be equally accepting of the rewards and consequences of those decisions, including being open to constructive, growth enhancing feedback.
  • Develop an appreciation for university traditions and actively participate in the celebration of "Cardinal Pride."
  • Enjoy the experience and privileges that help them to live, learn and grow at CUA by preparing for life, not just for a career.

Approved by the Vice President for Student Life, July 2000

Residence Hall Prohibited Items and Activities

The university strives to maintain communities in and around the residence halls that are safe and welcoming. A number of items and activities are prohibited because they may have a detrimental effect on the residential communities and may be considered safety or fire hazards in a community living environment. In addition to expectations outlined in other university policies and procedures, the following items and/or activities are prohibited in the residence halls.

Prohibited Activities

Certain activities are not permissible in the residence halls because of the damage they could cause to the building, the threat to health and safety that they present to individuals, and/or the danger inherent in such activities. Be mindful of the choices you are making and the activities you are engaging in. Match your actions with your intentions. Additional activities include:

  • playing sports in the halls
  • propping any doors to or within the residence halls, including fire doors
  • rappelling, climbing and/or scaling exterior walls of any residence halls
  • smoking tobacco products within 25 feet of any building entrance or window
  • throwing or hanging items from windows

Room Furnishings and Decorations

Students are expected to maintain their living space in a manner that does not cause damage to the building or that would require extensive maintenance, repair, and/or housekeeping to restore the building to a standard that is appropriate for future residents.

Each student room is issued specific furniture items which must remain in the room, regardless of the other furniture a resident may add to the room. Furniture in common areas is placed specifically so that all residents may enjoy use of the common area. Common area furniture should not moved into or kept in individual student rooms as other community members would then be denied the opportunity to use the common areas appropriately.

All hallways must remain clear of all belongings and furniture. Personal items, including bikes, sports equipment and other items may not be stored in hallways, stairwells or common areas. The storage of furniture and other items in hallways, common areas and/or stairwells creates a safety hazard and may be considered a nuisance to other students.

The following activities and/or items are prohibited because they may be harmful to students or could cause damage to the building if used inappropriately:

  • adhesives (other than 3M Command products or those designated for use in Opus Hall specifically)
  • bed lofts (except those provided by Housing Services), bed risers, cinderblocks
  • painting of student rooms
  • removing screens from windows
  • hanging or placing items on the ceiling
  • waterbeds
  • pets, except fish (in 10-gallon tank or smaller) and personal service animals registered with Disability Support Services.

Fire Hazards

Certain kitchen appliances and tools are prohibited from residence hall rooms that do not have kitchens because the items pose a serious fire hazard and threat to the safety of students who live in the building. A room that is not equipped with a kitchen should not be used as a kitchen facility; small kitchen appliances and tools may be stored in a residence hall room for appropriate use in a common area kitchen.

The following items are prohibited because of potential fire hazard and threat to the safety of residents:

  • any item with an exposed heating element
  • candles, including decorative
  • coffee pots and espresso machines
  • crockpots, electric frying pans, woks
  • grills and flammable grilling related items such as charcoal and lighter fluid
  • halogen lamps
  • heating and immersion coils
  • hot plates
  • oil popcorn poppers
  • space heaters
  • toaster and/or toaster ovens


Certain items demand more energy, place a strain on available utilities, may be considered a fire hazard, and/or may cause additional damage or harm to a building and therefore cannot be used in a residence hall. In addition, students may not use devices that modify the utilities available to all students and provided by the university. The following items are prohibited:

  • air conditioners (except when supplied by Catholic University)
  • cable splitters, splicers, or other devices used to re-route cable outside of the room in which the cable connection is located
  • extension cords, except UL-approved surge protectors
  • satellite dishes
  • refrigerators, other than room size/personal refrigerators (NOTE: only one refrigerator per room is permitted)
  • microwave ovens more than 700 watts (NOTE: only one microwave per room is permitted).