Residence Life provides a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in Catholic University's residential experience in a formal role through student staff positions.

Applications for any currently available Residence Life student staff positions are open on The Nest.


Position Position Overview
Resident Assistant The RA primarily fosters a sense of community among the residents of a residential community and promotes a balanced, responsible, and respectable atmosphere that is safe, friendly, and supportive. RAs accomplish this by assisting residents with their adjustment to campus and community living, providing leadership for residential activities, and encouraging residents to become involved with the CU community. RAs also share information for Residence Life and Housing Services and direct students to the appropriate offices when they express concerns.
Office Manager The OM is responsible for assisting the Community Director in administering a residential program in a complex housing unit of 200-600 students. This position includes management of the administrative and educational functions of the operation of the Residence Hall Office (RHO). The OM assists the Community Director with the functional supervision of Office Assistants (OA) and in the completion of administrative duties. 
Office Assistant OAs staff RHOs and assist with the management of administrative functions in residential neighborhoods. This position allows students to practice and exhibit strong customer service skills, develop good administrative practices, and support the residents of their assigned neighborhoods.
Hall Security Assistant Team Lead The HSA Team Leads train, manage, and guide a team of Hall Security Assistants in aiding the safety and security of an assigned residence hall building or buildings. HSA Team Leads serve with on call responsibilities each night in order to support the HSAs, the Resident Assistants, the Community Directors, and residents throughout the night as well as work as HSAs at the desk themselves. HSA Team Leads also oversee the shift scheduling of their assigned team.
Hall Security Assistant The HSAs serve as security monitors who ensure the building is safe and secure, observe concerns or issues that might arise around the building, and report information as necessary to the Resident Assistants and/or Community Directors. The HSA serves as a resource to the residents and develops relationships within the neighborhood. The HSA serves as a key resource to students who need immediate assistance.