While living in a residence hall, students will participate in a variety of experiences and will have the opportunity to interact with other community members in new and unique ways.

Some situations may be difficult for a student to manage on his/her own, while in other situations, a student may just not know what to do to resolve a problem or get support for a particular issue. The information and links below provide answers to frequently asked questions and is available to provide students with guidance in solving numerous difficult situations that they may encounter in the residence halls.

  • Students with Cardinal mascot

    Student Involvement

    Looking to get connected? Talk to your RA, visit your RHO, visit the Office of Campus Activities or Center for Cultural Engagement, or use the Nest to explore opportunities.

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  • Who's on call?

    Student Concerns

    Resources for student concerns including roommate conflicts, spiritual guidance requests, inappropriate or illegal activity, academic difficulties, or personal challenges.

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  • Facilities Requests

    Maintenance Requests

    Facilities Maintenance and Operations can assist with routine and emergency service requests.

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