The Residential Experience during COVID-19.

We are so excited to welcome more students back to campus in January 2021. The University as a whole has learned so much from the Fall Semester, and the Residence Life Team feels well prepared to create and authentic and formative experience for our students on campus. In anticipate of their return, many students have started to wonder what it will be like to return to campus, and want to prepare themselves for the new experiences they will be having. 

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Many students are unclear on what the initial quarantine period on campus looks like. The University regularly updates the FAQ page. We encourage you to check there often. Below are some other considerations.

  1. Quarantine begins when a student arrives to campus, and regardless of their arrival date lasts until 11:59pm on February 7, 2021. 
  2. During the initial quarantine period, students are not permitted to leave the boundaries of campus for any reason. They can contact the Office of the Dean of Students to request exceptions for medically necessary appointments. 
  3. RAs will be reaching out to invidiously students consistently over the course of the first two weeks, so students will not be alone and isolated in their rooms.
  4. Students will not be able to visit each other within the residence halls during the quarantine period.
  5. Students will be permitted to walk the campus property for individual exercise. If they do walk with a friend, both must have proper facial covering and be socially distant from each other. 
  6. Food will be available through the Pryzbyla Center for "to-go" only.

Community Bathrooms

Many students have asked about utilizing community bathrooms in the residence halls in the spring semester. 

Our facilities team has a well prepared plan for keeping all community bathrooms well sanitized.This includes multiple deep cleanings each day, touch point cleanings and fogging the bathrooms as well. 

Residence Life is also going to explore with our residents, upon their return to campus, options for reserving specific stalls, scheduling elements of bathroom use and other community plans to ensure all are involved in the success of the semester. 

Outdoor Options

While students are not permitted or able to gather indoors during the quarantine period, Residence Life will be providing options for students to get outside and enjoy time with friends in fresh air. 

In addition to increased outdoor seating, Residence Life will provide other resources to make the outdoor experience as comfortable as possible for residents. Be sure to ask your CD or RA for more information.



The Residence Life team recognizes that there are a lot of challenges both emotionally and mentally during a quarantine of this nature. In addition to our checking in, we hope you will consider contacting us if you need to talk. 


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